Moberly Lake Community Association


MLCA Projects

  • Maintaining a Healthy Society

To maintain a healthy society, the MLCA needs input from the people living, working and recreating in the Moberly Lake area. We also need volunteers to undertake activities in order to achieve our shared goals. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact us! Or attend a meeting and find out what we are all about.

  • Being a Conduit for Communications

The MLCA Communications Committee is working to be a conduit for communications between the residents of Moberly Lake and others in the region and the province. The Committee is also working to develop this website, a Facebook page (Moberly Lake Connections) and a newsletter. Stay tuned!

In the fall of 2017, we wanted to know a bit more about how visitors and residents are using the lake, and what, if any, things were impairing that use. To find this out, we sent out a survey. Results of the survey were shared at our fall meeting, and are posted here.

Moberly Lake User Survey Sept 2017

  • Community Hall and Social Events

To build a sense of community, the MLCA maintains the Moberly Lake Community Hall, and from time to time hosts social events. Watch for upcoming events posted on our website and social media.

  • Advocating for Lake Health
  • In recent years, concerns have been raised about the health of Moberly Lake. Some issues of concern include (but are not limited to) fisheries declines, flooding, sedimentation and declining water quality, shoreline development, and land use in the upper watershed. Over the past several decades, a number of studies have been conducted on various aspects of Moberly Lake including the upper and lower Moberly Rivers and their tributaries. In 2008, the MLCA and its partners drafted the Moberly Lake Stewardship Plan. More recently, they have focused efforts on a shoreline Survey.

Using these past reports, as well as local knowledge, the MLCA is working on a ‘state of the watershed’ report that will attempt to summarize what is known about the health of the lake and what information is missing. This summary, in turn, will inform the MLCA in its activities to advocate for lake health going forward. So far, we’ve compiled all the information we can find into a draft report (below). However, we need your help! If you know of a report or other source of information we have missed, please let us know, so we can update and finalize the draft report.

Moberly Lake Draft State of Report