Moberly Lake Community Association

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Welcome to the Moberly Lake Community Association (MLCA)!

The MLCA is a non-profit society committed to the well-being of the Moberly Lake watershed and its residents. Since its inception in the 1970’s, the MLCA has succeeded in working towards the development of community facilities (i.e., the firehall and community hall) and organizing various social activities. Over the past decade, the MLCA has also been active in commissioning several lake health studies and promoting volunteer lake stewardship initiatives.

Located 25 kilometres (km) northwest of Chetwynd, British Columbia (BC), Moberly Lake is a large lake, treasured by the residents and small communities found along its shorelines. This lake is also regionally significant for recreation, tourism, and fisheries.

A watershed is defined as the entire area of land that drains to a common waterbody. Originating in the Rocky Mountains approximately 65 km west of Chetwynd, the West Moberly River flows into Moberly Lake. The river is fed by several streams (e.g., Upper Moberly, Shangweshi, Highrise, Hulcross, Dokie and several unnamed creeks) as it flows eastward into the Lake. Several smaller streams enter the lake throughout its length (e.g. Cameron, LeBleu, Paquette, Medicine Woman, Pys, Benson and Wallace creeks). In turn, the lake is drained by the continuation of the Moberly River which flows northeast about 96 km to its confluence with the Peace River, just above Fort St. John. Together, the rivers, creeks and lake make up the Moberly watershed.