Moberly Lake Community Association

About Us

The Society

The Moberly Lake Community Association (MLCA) is a registered society made up of Moberly Lake residents and stakeholders and is guided by its:

Vision: a healthy lake watershed and a healthy community

Mission: to be a voice for Moberly Lake watershed and the surrounding community

Society Goals:

  • Goal #1 – Maintain a healthy society
  • Goal #2 – Be a conduit for communications
  • Goal #3 – Promote a sense of community
  • Goal #4 – Advocate for lake watershed health

 The Board

Elections for the Board of Directors are held every spring at the Annual General Meeting. Current Directors include:

  • Past President: Stu Garland (Chair – Community Hall Committee)
  • President: Petra Rowell (Chair – Social, Science and Stewardship Committees)
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Linda Garland
  • Secretary: Deanna Steward
  • Director: Alan Cartwright
  • Director: Denise Gardiner (Chair – Communications Committee)
  • Director: Mary Ann McClarty
  • Director: Brian Newby
  • Directors-at-large (3)

Board Documents